Based upon our achievement, and confidence bestowed on us by our corporate and law firm clients,
JP Research & Consulting provide “collection of strategic information” and “effective use of
collected information” for corporations facing risks.

About Us

JP Research & Consulting, Inc., a professional research and consulting firm,
provide practical information and advice to our corporate clients on their business strategies.

We provide information and intelligence

  • 1) on investment/business risks in mergers & acquisitions and joint ventures
  • 2) on strategic actions against lawsuits and disputes
  • 3) on misconducts and wrongful acts in corporations to control and minimize damage

In collecting information, under an appropriate investigation plan,
we place importance on “multi-aspect approach”, “quantity”, “quality” and “viewpoint”.
In analyzing collected information, through qualitative evaluation based on our broad perspective and
in-depth expertise, we meet various requirements of our clients for collecting strategic information.

  • JP Research & Consulting, Inc.

    Location:3-7-12 Toranomon, Toranomon Annex Building 6th floor, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001

  • JP Research & Consulting (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

    Location:18 Robinson Road Level #15-01 Singapore 048547