Business contents


Execute “Pre Due Diligence”, which searches unaccounted risks before M&A.
Collect information and evidences on activities against compliance of the company,
linguistic problems such as a lawsuit.
Investigate background information of targeted persons or targeted companies.
Investigate whether targeted persons or targeted companies involve with antisocial forces.
Investigate a company’s rating before transactions.
Investigate background information and assets owned by targeted persons on collection of claim.
Assist practically against person’s or company’s defamation with various means.
Provide consulting services on business management for the utilization of collected information.

Main Customer Listed company Law firm Securities company

Management Philosophy

Contribute to verify the appropriate and lawful transactions for client’s companies.
Accumulate highly useful experiences in order to avoid risks for client’s companies.
In addition, not only to pursue the improvement of social reliability on investigation business,
but also to satisfy materially and mentally for all employees.