Company profile

We provide services focusing on collection of strategic information in due diligence process in M&A and JV, and in litigation and serious disputes, including collecting evidence for misconducts and incidents at corporations.

We are an independent research and consulting firm, providing professional service of collecting and analyzing information that meet requirement of corporations and law firms facing serious cases.

In collecting information, we place importance on “multi-aspect approach”, “quantity”, “quality” and” view point”.
In analyzing information, based on our broad perspective and expertise we qualitatively evaluate the collected
information, with full understanding of the purpose and the situation of the client,
meeting various needs of information strategy, and provide high value-added information
which is indispensable to best decision making by our client.

Based upon our achievement, and confidence bestowed on us by our corporate and law firm clients, JP Research & Consulting provide “collection of strategic information” and “effective use of collected information” for corporations facing risks.

Scope of activity by JPR&C

Our investigation activities, tailored to clients’ requirement are conducted not only in Japan but also in foreign countries.
Number of investigations conducted by us in South East Asia, Middle East and Western Countries are increasing year by year, due to expanding international businesses by our clients.
In addition, as clients face diversified problem, complicated investigation cases are on the rise. To meet such trend, we conduct investigation deploying intelligence partners with high level of compliance mindset and astute business sense in Japan and abroad.

In the times when compliance risk and reputation risk cast
tremendous impact on the management of a corporation, requirements for diversified information by our corporate clients, such as manufacturer, trading company, general contractor, real estate business, IT, financial institution, securities company, investment fund and law firm, have become complex and globalized.
We, as clients’ business partner capable of analyzing and evaluating strategic information, continue to provide high quality solution tailored to client’s requirement based on our proprietary cross-border and multi-disciplinary information.