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JP Research & Consulting, Inc. believes that it is extremely important to protect your privacy.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Standards
We will comply with all laws, standards, guidelines, and other norms regarding the handling of personal information set forth by the Japanese government.
Implementation of Safety Control Measures
We implement organizational, personnel, physical, and technical security control measures to prevent leakage, loss, and damage of personal information,
We will take corrective measures as necessary.
Acquisition and Use of Personal Information
We will acquire personal information in a lawful and appropriate manner for the following purposes and will not use it for any other purposes.
  • To respond to inquiries and opinions (including surveys, etc.) from customers regarding our business, products, services, etc.
  • To make proposals and announcements to customers regarding our business, products, services, etc.
  • To research and develop our products and services by conducting questionnaires, etc.
  • To operate and manage seminars, lectures, exhibitions, etc. that we sponsor, co-sponsor, or support, or in which we participate
  • To employ (hire) and manage the personnel of our employees
  • To perform statistical analysis of customer visits to the Company's website
Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
We will not provide personal information obtained by us to third parties, except in the following cases.
  • When disclosing or providing personal information to a subcontractor to the extent necessary for business purposes, in principle, with the consent of the subcontractor
  • When disclosure to a third party is permitted by related laws, regulations, guidelines, or policies
  • When we are ordered by judicial or administrative authorities to disclose or submit personal information in accordance with laws and regulations
Declaration of Continuous Improvement
We will endeavor to review and continuously revise this policy in response to amendments to relevant laws, regulations, national standards, guidelines, and other norms, as well as changes and developments in the business environment.
About Cookies
In order to provide better service to our customers, we use a technology called "cookies" to obtain information such as customers' web browsing history.
    What is a cookie?
  • When a customer uses a web page, the browsing history, input contents, etc. are stored in a file on the customer's computer, and when the customer accesses the same page, the cookie information is used to identify the customer, allowing the site operator to change the display for each customer
  • Please be assured that cookies do not contain any information that identifies individual customers
    Purpose of Cookie Use
  • To study the number of visitors to our site and traffic such as the number of views
  • To improve our services
Customers can also limit or allow the use of cookies by setting their browsers.
The setting method varies depending on the browser, so please check the "Help" menu of the browser you are using.
Use of Google Analytics
The website uses Google Analytics, an access analysis service provided by Google, Inc.
  • Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze the browsing history of the website and generate reports
  • The website browsing information generated by Google Analytics cookies is stored on Google's servers
  • The data collected by Google Analytics cookies is automatically deleted from Google's servers after a certain period of time
Please refer to the link for 「Google's use of your data when you use Google Partner sites and apps」
Please refer to the link for 「Google's Privacy Policy」
Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information
Please contact us using the inquiry form, indicating your name and e-mail address for reply.
We will respond promptly in accordance with our prescribed procedures.
Please note that we may ask you to confirm your identity.